Notice of Sheriff Sale

Property which is sold at various types of public auctions, including County Sheriff sale,  can include anything from surplus government equipment and supplies, government owned land, abandoned property which the government has obtained ownership of to more vague assets such as radio frequencies.

Seized property or property confiscated in the course of law enforcement operations is another source of Government auctions inventory. Police and County Sheriff sales routinely liquidate property obtained in this manner.

Private property also can find it’s way to being sold at a government sponsored public auction. Some of the most common situations include property sold in order to satisfy a court awarded judgement, or to clear a mortgage foreclosure, tax sale or even a tax lien. These types of examples are commonly handled at the County level. For example, in the past couple of years the numbers of foreclosure sales being conducted at County Sheriff Sales across the country have sky rocketed. And unfortunately that trend doesn’t look to be improving for some time. It is without a doubt difficult to see so many people losing their homes, but from a purely business point of view, it is certainly creating some strong buying opportunities for those in the market for real estate.

And regardless of what you may be interested in buying, whether it is Real Estate, automobiles, boats, household furniture, appliances, or sporting goods (the list can go on and on), chances are that you will have an opportunity to get it at a steep discount at a Govt surplus sale or through one of several different types of law enforcement auctions. The reason for this is, property liquidated at public auction generally brings much lower prices than if the sellers where able to take their time and sell at the best time and or method to bring the best price. The property has to be liquidated quickly and often times – at least for non- real estate items, there are no minimum bids. And with the sheer number of Sheriff sales and other types of Government auctions taking place, there are more and more incredible opportunities becoming available to the average consumer.

Because so few people tend to take advantage of the opportunities available from this venue, I am sharing information within the pages of this site which will hopefully provide you with easy access to County Sheriff Sale details in your State and County. If I leave out your particular county, and you know of a link to that information, please use the contact form and send me the link so that I can include it. Many Counties provide detailed lists of sheriff foreclosure sales, dates and times of Sales and terms and conditions of their sales. Be sure to read these conditions thoroughly. Some Counties do not post this information online, but they are required to post some form of Notice of Sale. For the sites not including actual auction listings, look for details of their notice requirements so you may be better informed on where you to actually find them.

Feel free to drop a note via the contact form with any suggestions or to report a dead link.

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